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Hair fixing is being opted by many individuals today for hair gain, the non-surgical way. Facing issues with your natural locks is a matter of common concern today. The cut-throat race that we participate in each day to earn our livelihood and to emerge victorious in our respective field have cost us our regularity. The irregular patterns of eating and sleeping coupled with stress, tensions, and unhealthy hair care routine have all taken its toll at the same time on our hair. Also, the chemical treatments that we use on our hair while styling, coloring or making our hair get a makeover, causes our hair to lose out on its natural strength slowly. Sickness, pollution, and medicines are other three reasons on why hair has become so common in today’s world. But now combat your hair fall no matter what the reasons are for its fall with these non-surgical hair fixing methods.


  • Scared of the needles and the impending pain? Well, then see the needle diving in and out of your head without giving you any pain at all. If you are wondering how this impossible feat can be achieved so easily then, here is the easy pain-free solution namely hair weaving treatment. If you have hair on your head then, your original hair is sorted and tied-up before placing the hairnet on the head.
  • Once the hair net is secured another hair lace cap is a put-on. The hair extensions and wigs are then attached to this hair net with the help of thread and hair needles. The artificial hair is sewn onto the hair lace. The extensions are secured with thread and the wig is thoroughly woven into the lace part by part making it look natural.
  • The other hair fixing methods include hair bonding with the help of clips and hair adhesives. The clips are invisible and small and the extensions are clipped in with your real hair for an increased volume.
  • Usually, if you are facing part or full alopecia the hair weaving and hair bonding with the help of adhesives are recommended as it gives both full coverage and also looks natural.
  • These non-surgical methods of hair fixing are available at parlors and salons. You can get expert help on how to get the best hairstyle for yourself without spending thousands of rupees. The methods are also known for giving immediate results. Just book yourself an appointment and get in touch with your hair expert to get the best treatment suitable for your hairs and hair fancies.
  • These non-surgical methods of hair extensions clipping, hair weaving, and hair bonding are semi-permanent solutions and with proper care, you can enjoy the benefits for an extended period with only a few touch-ups in between.

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